About breed

The race of Black terrier was breaded in Moscow station „Krasnaja zvezda„ in the second half of the 20th century. This breeding station was to breed new service dogs, resistant to rough climate conditions of Russia, which could be used in the army for different purposes. Emergence of this breed is connected with the general major Medvedev, who used for the breeding many other breeds. Among others it included the Giant schnauzer, Erdelterrier,Nowfoundland, Rottweiler,Russian wolfhound, Caucasian sheppard , South Russian Sheppard. The Black terrier was introduced to the public at the Moscow All union Agriculture Exposition for the first time in the year 1955, where this breed also received high award. With help of the best breeders and kynological clubs were desired qualities considering both appearance and nature further strengthen.

Into Europe were these dogs brought in 70th of the 20th century. In March 1984 was this breed accepted by FCI. The last valid standard, number 327, from year 1996, places the black terrier into group II. 

Black terrier has work presumptions. He has highly developed instinct for defending his master, an object or a territory. Black terrier can be well trained and is suitable both for sport and service kynology. Some dog sports can also be practiced with these dogs. This breed require sensitive, kind attitude, which on the other hand must be consistent and firm. The pure drill, roughness and punishment will only lead into loss of trust and the relationship to his master. Techniques which have proved as the most useful during the training were game and positive motivation.

Well raised „blackish„ doesn´t have problems with adjusting to his environment. He is able to follow his master anywhere, he can travel or stay quietly in the hotel room alone. It makes him no problem to walk around noisy city without reasonless barking. Black terrier is reserved and cautious to strange people, but he lets himself caress, touch or treat, if it is a wish of his master.

Black terrier loves his family very much and repeatedly welcomes its members after their return home.

This breed can stay outside for the whole year. His hair protects him well against cold and bad weather.

What we mustn’t forget is that the „blackish„ needs contact with his master and so this need should be fulfilled sufficiently.

It is also need to be remembered, that hair of a terrier requires special care which consists of often and careful combing. It is also good to wash him sometimes and the hair needs to be cut time to time. Important part of the care is care about ears, claws and teeth.

Black terrier is mighty breed, whose puppies grow fast. They need high quality food and appropriate natural movement.

Black terrier is after my family the second best thing in my life.